Dealer care without dealer cost

Regular service and maintenance for ALL foreign and domestic vehicles  

Service, Maintenance, and More!  

Let our team of certified professionals keep your beloved vehicle running smooth and safe!

Multi-Point Inspections

Multi-Point inspections offered for all vehicles, new or used. Whether you just purchased a vehicle, or just need an inspection for a road trip, let our professionals ensure your safety.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Pesky check engine light? We can take care of that for you! State of the art diagnostic tools allow us to effortlessly diagnose those trouble codes.

A/C and Heat Service

In the dead heat of summer or the chilling cold of winter, we can diagnose and repair your vehicle's HVAC system. Our top of the line Robinair A/C Machine can recharge your HVAC system accurately.

Safety and Emissions Inspections

We are more than capable of inspecting your vehicle's safety and emissions systems to ensure your vehicle is meeting emissions and safety requirements

Filter Replacements

From cabin, fuel, transmission, and engine air filters, we can provide your vehicle with fresh air and fluid to keep your vehicle operating smooth.

Oil Changes

To keep your engine healthy and happy, oil changes are a vital part of vehicle maintenence. We have a wide variety of engine oils and filters to suit any vehicle's needs.